15 Best Dental Hygiene Schools In Montana, Requirements & How to Apply

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dental hygienists in Montana make some of the highest salaries in the industry compared to their counterparts nationwide, with an average annual salary of $67,910, hence the need for students to enroll in a dental hygiene school in Montana.

The state organization in charge of creating and upholding all guidelines, rules, and requirements for dental licenses in the state is the Montana Board of Dentistry.

In Montana, dental hygienists are skilled professionals with licenses who provide patients with important cleaning and oral health services.

Dental hygienists are not to be confused with dentists, who need more training, diagnose oral conditions, and perform major dental repairs like fillings. Instead, they concentrate primarily on oral hygiene and health.

Frequently, a hygienist will carry out the initial cleaning and initial oral examination before a patient sees a dentist.

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A dental hygienist may offer patients tooth polishing, x-ray development, and oral health education services.

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