15 Best Dental Hygiene Schools in Virginia, Requirements & How to Apply

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We can boast of the many dental hygiene schools in Virginia. Do you also know that In Virginia, there were 4,240 dental hygienists working as of the most recent count in 2014?

One of the reasons more professionals are considering pursuing a career as a dental hygienist is that this field will experience higher-than-average growth for at least the upcoming ten years.

In Virginia, there are numerous public institutions from which students can choose if they want to become dental hygienists.

Several colleges in the state offer dental hygiene associate’s degree programs, and a few also offer bachelor’s and/or master’s degree programs in the subject.

Despite the fact that some dental hygienist certification programs are accessible, most aspirants require at least an associate’s degree in dental hygiene before they can obtain state licensure.

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These professionals can advance in their careers and/or take on more challenging tasks thanks to their bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

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