16 Cover Letter Templates (Free Download)

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Cover Letter Templates – Any good job hunter needs a resume package. The cover letter and resume always go together and do the same basic thing in slightly different ways. A job hunter without both of them will probably not get very far in the search for a good career position.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what these crucial documents should do for you. The first part, the cover letter, is a short one page letter consisting of three or four paragraphs. It serves as an introduction to the resume. It is the part that will always be seen by the gatekeeper.

The second part is the resume itself. Many job hunters make the mistake of thinking they can just leave a resume without a cover letter. That is like putting on a suit and tie, but forgetting the shirt or the pants. They are a package and they go together.

The resume itself may be in either functional or chronological format. The functional format concentrates on skills. The chronological format concentrates on employment listings. The most effective resumes use elements of both formats to create a combination resume that gets results.

Whatever your level of experience or ambition, we have a cover letter templates to suit your needs. Simply copy and paste the following examples into Microsoft Word, and update them using your own details


  • Account Manager Cover Letter
  • Bank Teller Cover Letter
  • Customer Service Rep Cover Letter
  • Executive Assistant Cover Letter
  • Front Desk Cover Letter 
  • Human Resources Cover Letter
  • Information Technology Cover Letter
  • Office Manager Cover Letter
  • Personal Assistant Cover Letter
  • Pharmacist Cover Letter
  • Receptionist Cover Letter
  • Sales Manager Cover Letter
  • Secretary Cover Letter
  • Social Media Manager Cover Letter
  • Truck Driver Cover Letter
  • Waiter/Waitress Cover Letter

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