The Ultimate Guide to 7 Profitable Business Ideas For 2022

The Ultimate Guide to 7 Profitable Business Ideas For 2022

In this article, I will be explaining some different business ideas that I’ve been thinking about for a while and I wanted to share with you because I think there’s a tremendous amount of opportunity in each one of these different seven business ideas that you could use this year. How to make money just got really scammy with people trying to sell all of their courses. I don’t really want to be associated with that but nonetheless, these are some cool ideas that I’ve been thinking about for a while that I did really want to share with you.


If you are good at something you have knowledge and experience in something you can consult people who just started learning those things you know for example if you are good at photography, videography, or anything else you can offer private lessons, private consulting sessions, and share your knowledge and your experience. To be honest with you nowadays you can find knowledge everywhere for free or for money but the most important is experience. Smart people learn from somebody’s else experience so share with them your experience sell them your experience choose something you are already passionate about believe me there are a lot of people who want to learn from your experience share with them your knowledge and your experience or read this as an additional service of your existing business, for example, I have a web design company and I noticed that many of my clients struggle with growing their social media channels they don’t know how to create posts how often to post them how to engage with their audience so I started offering additional social media consulting services, as a result, I could make more money offering this additional service

Start Your Own Youtube Channel or Bublish a Blog

I believe nowadays having your own youtube channel or having a blog gives you so many benefits. It’s a kind of must-have if you want to be up to date in the modern world it gives you tons of benefits from developing different skills to making extra money. You can make money in multiple ways from directly using your ads, selling your own products, selling some affiliate products to indirect ways when some opportunities open to you as aside income from your content.

Influencer Management

Many social media personalities and influencers didn’t start out to build a business. Most of them just had a passion they love to do and to share with others so some of them don’t know how to put together sponsorship deals. They don’t know how to market themselves, how to find sponsors, or how to read and prepare contracts plus most of them just want to create content and market their brand and don’t necessarily want to deal with sponsors and paperwork. Most of them feel that having to market themselves out there and having to talk to so many people is time taken away from creating which is what they love to do in the first place. The good thing about this idea is it doesn’t have a lot of costs involved, you just need to talk to a lot of influencers on youtube, Facebook TikTok, or other platforms and connect them with sponsors. Whenever you close a deal, you as the manager can get a 10 to as much as a 20 cut in the deal. Depending on the size of the sponsorship deals that you can bring, you can make a lot of money and even make recurring revenue.  All that is needed is a desire to work with people and get deals done the second business idea involves working with your hands and if you’re the type of person that likes to work with tools or likes to create things

Converting Vans

There is a growing trend or movement called van life where people basically live in their vans live a simple life while having the option to travel with freedom and ease. Now while most people can adapt to living in a van they don’t necessarily know how to customize a van so that they can live there. These types are usually not sold by manufacturers they are customized and so the prospective nomad must either do it themselves or hire someone to do it this one has some costs associated with it like your tools or raw materials but if you already have the tools because you like making stuff with your hands then it’s going to be an easy transition for you you can’t market your services and the different forums where vanlifers converge. The third idea I want to share with you making monetized email newsletters if you like writing or researching and sharing with people then this could be a good business to get into there are still many people who prefer reading compared to watching videos and you don’t need to charge people money to sign up to for your newsletter you can give it away for free and people like getting free valuable stuff an example of a monetized email the newsletter is morning brew the founder started this in college and within five years grew it to 75 million dollars how do they make money if it’s for free they do a lot of affiliate marketing and sponsorships when you have a million subscribers affiliate and sponsorship opportunities are easy to come by you also don’t have a lot of costs to run this business you can get started for free by using an email autoresponder service like Mailchimp if you like getting free business ideas make sure to like this video and get an acute puppy in return

Camera or Equipment Rentals

There are many tools and equipment out there that are expensive and yet many people would want to be able to use them. For example, photographers and videographers may sometimes need advanced equipment that they don’t have for a project but they don’t necessarily want to buy that piece of equipment yet, so they turn to renting it. now of course you need to know the niche that you are entering to make sure that you are buying the right equipment and that you know how to market these to your potential customers. You can easily advertise these rental services on many online advertising platforms. ofcourse, you also need to work out many details like maintenance contracts and even insurance because you don’t want to lose your investment in case a customer drops or damages your equipment. You can do this not just with cameras but a wide range of tools machineries and even vehicles so there are a lot of of opportunities out there for this kind of business.

Video Editing and Podcasts

Going back to influencers especially podcasts or YouTubers. They don’t have time to edit their podcast or video they may be doing it as a side business or an additional stream of income to their main business. Some of them may also be doing it themselves but have reached a point where they can’t grow because they are doing everything by themselves. Editing takes a lot of time and many podcasters will want to outsource this service to experts so that they can make better use of their time to make more podcasts or videos or go into other related businesses. Many people want to go out there and become the next big podcaster like joerogan and I have nothing against that but if you remember many people during the gold rush made money not by mining gold but by selling picks and shovels to the would-be gold miners. This is the same idea if you know how to edit videos and podcasts then you may want to try this out

Content Writing

If you like to write and research then this is a good business idea. You can write for blogs podcasts videos emails online stores etc There’s a lot of people and companies that need online content and this can be a good source of income for you. You don’t need anything to start except your computer and your writing skills. You can even do this anywhere in your home, in your van or in a coffee shop halfway around the globe. It’s freelance work and you can choose to work anytime you want. The best writers can charge 5-6 figures in fees but you don’t have to be the best to start, like the late Zig Ziglar said you don thave to be great to start but you have to start to be great.  
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