Download Graduate With No Experience CV Template

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Have you recently graduated but have no experience to shout about? No problem! Our CV template can help you showcase your new qualifications and impress recruiters.

If you’re a recent graduate or on the cusp of completing your degree, you might be getting a little flustered about finding a job – especially if you have no work experience under your belt.

To make your life that little bit easier, we’ve worked with the experts to produce a graduate with no experience CV template for you.

Download graduate with no experience CV template

While this template will help you structure your CV in the most impressive way, remember it’s just a template. Therefore, use it as a structural guide, but make sure you give the bullet points your own personal spin. After all, recruiters want to get to know you, not a robotic carbon copy.

Check out our aptly-named guide ‘Help! I’ve Got a Degree but No Industry Experience’ for more assistance, or read on for tips on using this template.

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