DRAGNET Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers Preparation Pack

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This Study pack is a collection of past Dragnet’s Numerical, Verbal and Abstract (Diagrammatic reasoning) test questions. With over 800-pages of actual questions and step by step workings (Screenshots included). *Questions bank applies (but not limited) to these ongoing exams: Total Graduate Job, Sahara Energy, Delta state recruitment, Exxon mobil recruitment, Transcorp power, NSE Aptitude test (Stage II), Seplat recruitment (Stage II), Chevron jobs/internship recruitment, Ecobank (Fast-Track) Graduate Trainee, Dangote recruitment, NBC test, Ernst&Young aptitude test (Stage II) and all other Dragnet tests administered at a test center.

For those candidates who don’t know Dragnet Solution Limited, Dragnet is a recruitment body that creates aptitude tests for different companies in Nigeria.

That is why it is important to familiarize yourself with the test format and they end up spending too much time figuring it out on the day of the test.

Dragnet solution test format for Past Questions and answers consist of 3 basic parts and one optional.

  1. Numerical reasoning questions: These questions as included the past questions and answers include tables, line graphs, bar charts and pie charts. You will need to choose one correct answer from four options. This section of the test contains 20 questions;
  2. Verbal reasoning questions. These types of question as included the past questions and answers are comprehension based. It means that you need to read through a passage and then understand it. Then with an understanding answer the questions connected to the text.

You would be required to choose two correct answers out of four options. This section of the test comprises of 20 questions;

  • Abstract reasoning questions. This format of questions as included the past questions and answers consist of various shapes, where you need to choose the one that completes the series among them. This section of the test has 16 questions;
  • Skill Test (optional). This is not the Dragnet Solution test, but be aware that your employer will include this part. Dragnet Solutions Limited also provides this type of test for many industries. Skill Test usually comprises of 40 questions. You will need to choose one correct answer out of four options. You will need to be swift when answering the Dragnet Solutions aptitude test questions download the past question and practice as lack of practice is a certain route to failure.

Dragnet Solutions Test Format Dragnet is a leading organization that will decide whether you work in some companies or not. For instance, a lot of oil, gas and financial companies in Nigeria use this test when hiring their staff. Dragnet is one of the most difficult tests that are being used now.

Do you have any question as regards the material, kindly state in the comment section would love to hear from you.


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