How to Apply For German Student Visa From Nigeria

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If you want to study in Germany, now is the time. Don’t waste your money paying any agent. It’s very easy and you can do it even if you work 8-5.  Nigerians are charging people N300k. But you should also be willing to put effort to make it work.

Germany is a destination country to complete your higher studies because of its low fees in world’s top ranked universities.

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Many students from foreign countries come to study in Germany and therefore there are many scholarship options are available, you just need the correct guidance.

Most of the schools in Germany are tuition free even for international students, you only get to pay a certain amount as semester fees say between 100-400 euros and most times the semester fee comes with a semester ticket to aid in transportation in your city or town. However, before you’re granted a student visa, you have to prove that you can take care of your living expenses with one of the following means ;

1. Block account: The estimated living expenses for a student in a month is 720euros, when you multiply that by 12 months, you get 8,640euros.

This is the amount you’re required to block in an already opened account with either Deutsch bank, Fintiba or Xpatrio. It is called a block account because you will not be able to withdraw everything at once, only 720euros will be released to you every month.

2. Sponsorship letter: If you have a relative living and working legally in Germany, they can get you this letter. They’ll have to visit the alien office in their city and will be required to provide some documents and pay a certain fee.

The letter will be sent to you when they receive it so that you can go with it for your visa interview.

3. Scholarship: This is usually the best if you have the scholarship, your visa will be granted in under 2 weeks after interview. So try and look for scholarships you can apply to

Generally, the very important documents needed to apply to schools in Germany are;
1. Transcript
2. English Proficiency
3. School Certificates (Degree, Waec, etc)
However, depending on the school, some other documents needed are as follows.
4. Curriculum Vitae

5. Motivation letter
6. Reference letters
7. GRE test
8. Etcetera.. Visit your prospective school website and find out the documents they need from you.
Note: You don’t apply with your original documents, you have to make photocopies of them and Certify them in High court or a Notary public. If you stay in Lagos, you can certify at the German Embassy too. You’ll have to book appointment for that.
For those planning to go for a Bachelors course, you need a 100 level transcript from a university to apply for a BSc program in Germany. WAEC alone will not be enough and No, OND will not do, you need a HND.

For the application proper, it is always important to go through the website of the schools you want to apply to, you’ll get a lot of information form there concerning how to apply. Some schools do only online applications,some requires that you send your application documents to them by post after applying online, some you send your documents as pdf to their email address and then you get the uni assist crew.
When you get your admission letter, open a block account immediately (that is if you don’t already have a sponsorship letter) and as soon as you get your account details, send an email to the embassy requesting for a visa interview date.
You need these to get an interview date:

1. Admission letter
2. Block account/sponsorship letter/scholarship letter
3. International passport data page(scanned)
Then your Full name and Resident address.

Prepare for your interview
Go for your interview

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