Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens, Ikeja

Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens, Ikeja

Jhalobia Recreation Park & Gardens is a haven of the carefully planned park and garden space with its beautiful, unspoiled, tranquillity in the heart of boisterous Lagos.

Situated in Ikeja, along Muritala Mohammed International Airport Road, between the Hajj Camp and Ajao Estate, the gardens is a multi-purpose park and a unique events center built in 1998 by Mrs. Veronica Adepoju and her two daughters, who are landscape designers.

The two-acre park is a tapestry of beautiful and functional garden features such as the ever-green lawns, walkways, topiaries of different shapes, sculptures, waterfalls, fountains, ponds, rock gardens, gazebos of different sizes of exotic trees, palms and flowers, it also has a children’s playground equipped with play toys. The park is known for its expansive space for guests and it beauty.

The recreation park provides the ideal setting for superb white weddings, nikai, traditional, registry, or engagements. Jhalobia is also suitable for picnics, product launches, school visits, religious retreats, anniversaries, and quiet time with nature, and a perfect location for movie and musical shoots. It has a stunning environment that brings a unique atmosphere to your events.

Jhalobia Recreation Park has a perfect setting for parties, with enough space for up to two thousand five hundred (2500) guests. Its impressive 55 meters red-carpeted aisle, gives a feeling of royalty to the celebrant.

The well-cultured gardens are a photographer’s delight. On a wedding day, the bride and groom can cause a stir by arriving in a helicopter and parking on the lawn.

You can ride on horses as there is a wide expanse to move on. It is unfettered fun galore for the children at the party on your wedding day at no extra cost on the children’s playground.

There is the advantage of our Restaurant and bar and 2-2-1 village for private entertainment with buffet meals or barbecue. Parked cars are safe as we have both armed and plain clothes security personnel on surveillance during events.

Jhalobia Recreation Park & Gardens

Jhalobia Recreation Park & Gardens lawns are lush green and first grade as a result of regular maintenance and periodic intensive care.

The lawns create an optical illusion of a green “sea” because of its lushness and the artificially created topography.

The garden’s walkways are interestingly designed topiary of different shapes and sizes.

Plants & Tropical Cut Flowers

The park uses exotic plants like the cycas, lipstick (cyrtostachys/sealing wax) and bottle palms, buccaneer, etc. flowering/none flowering shade plants, and common/simple plants like the acalypha as spot plants or yellow ficus for hedging.

Jhalobia’s tropical cut-flowers range from all the species of heliconia, including the Wagnerian, ginger-lily in two colors, Musa in three colors, porcelain roses in two colors, anthuriums, Mc Mais daisies, gebra, etc.

Events Planning & Decoration

Jhalobia has enjoyed patronage in decorating wedding venues, birthday party venues, and social and business circles.

The in-house event planners include decorators, stylists, etc; substance and details are impeccably entwined to give an awesomely decorated effect from the podium where the celebrants sit to the farthest part occupied by the guests.

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