One Young World COVID-19 Young Leaders Fund 2020

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One Young World has launched a Global Fund for Young Leaders Tackling COVID-19. They are now accepting applications for the Covid-19 Young Leaders Fund 2020.

The fund is the first of its kind for young leaders who are addressing the impacts of COVID-19 and is supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and United Way. Young leaders have capacity for innovation, understanding of digital tools, and high levels of social responsibility, which makes them powerful actors in addressing any humanitarian challenge.

New statistics from 1,000 young leaders globally found that young people are continuing to spearhead activism. The research found a staggering 72% of young people have volunteered their time to help others during this pandemic, yet they continue to be underfunded.

One Young World believes that a global crisis demands a global response. The COVID-19 Young Leaders Fund will enable us all to meet this challenge.


The CYLF is available to all young leaders, regardless of whether they have attended a One Young World Summit.

  • Focussed on the SDG’s with a clear connection to combatting Covid-19, for example:
    • SDG 3: producing medical supplies to tackle the infection or symptoms of the virus
    • SDG 4: providing resources to disadvantaged children to support the continuation of education during school closures
    • SDG 5: protecting victims of domestic violence during lockdown
    • SDG 6: providing sanitation resources to help prevent the spread of the virus
    • SDG 8: creating work for unemployed persons in vital sectors​
  • All countries around the world
  • Operational (or ready to start within 3 weeks of application submission)
  • Founded and/or managed by young leaders (aged approximately 18-35)
  • Applications must be submitted in the English language to be reviewed
  • Operating in accordance with WHO’s scientific guidance
  • Producing direct, quantifiable impact
  • Apolitical in nature
  • Must not be operated for profit
  • Impacting >500 people directly
  • Focussed on assisting the most vulnerable in society


You should apply for funding to ensure that your work can be completed safely and efficiently. One Young World recommends requesting between GBP 2,500 – GBP 10,000. This size of grant is designed to ensure that the fund can support various projects, helping people all over the world, maximising the reach and impact of the support.

This may change as the fund develops, they will look at each application closely to maximise the Fund’s capabilities.


Your initiative will be assessed based on One Young World’s UUU Criteria:​

  • Urgent: One Young World will prioritise initiatives which can use the funds to generate positive impact with immediate effect. Depending on the scale of the funding, initiatives should aim that:
    • Outcomes will be achieved within ten days of receiving funds
    • Outcomes will be achieved within one month of receiving funds
  • Utilitarian: One Young World will prioritise initiatives which can use the funds to impact the maximum number of people to the greatest extent. Depending on the scale of the funding, initiatives should aim that:
    • Funds will be used to help 1,000+ people
    • Funds will be used to help between 500 and 1,000 people
  • Underserved: One Young World will prioritise initiatives which can use the funds to support the most vulnerable in society. Depending on their scope, initiatives should aim that:
    • Funds will be used to help a group that suffer systemic discrimination
    • Funds will be used to help a group with >50% living in poverty

Method of Application.

The proposal must be submitted within the deadline specified in the advertisement of the call for application and filled in via the official application form. This includes a request for the following information:

  • “Business” Plan – set out the organisation and initiatives background, objectives, structure and methods
  • Budget Plan – set out a clear plan of how you would use the funds
  • Documentation to verify the legal status of your initiative
  • Contact details for 2 references
  • Images/Video to document the initiative’s impact to date

If you have difficulty uploading this information, please contact [email protected].



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