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Ichie Mezuo Pericoma Okoye aka Arusi Makaja 1 of Igboland popularly known as Pericoma is from Ndi-Ogbuonyeoma in Arondizuogu, Okigwe LGA, Imo State

With His brand of music which he called 'Folk singing', which is actually rendering of igbo history orally with each sentence layered with meaning only to be understood by the wise, he held the igbos spell bound with every track.

Apart from music, Pericoma was featured in the film 'Lion Of Africa' with Pete Edochie and he was the traditional prime minister of the Arondizogu community in Imo state until his death.

Pericoma Okoye practiced the African Tradition religon and when he was alive, was as much a famous 'medicine man' as he was a musician and a lot of people in his community believed that he was a little god hence the name, 'Arusi Makaja' and he was feared mostly for the story of his encounter with transport workers (Agberos) who had allegedly demanded for his tax receipts and then proceeded to lift him on their shoulders intending to take him to his office but he had charmed them, remaining seated on their shoulders refusing to come down for hours until they pleaded and made sacrifices to his deity, This story curtailed the activities of the transport workers for a while.
He died on February 16, 2017 in a hospital in Okigwe, after a brief illness and is survived by wives, children and grandchildren.

After his death, Speed Darlington admitted Pericoma was his dad and that although he hated him when he was alife for killing those who offended him, he missed him now that he is dead,
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